3CX WebRTC Web Conferencing

WebRTC Web Conferencing

Web Conferencing Made Easy with 3CX

Hold face to face meetings at the click of a button! How? With 3CX's WebRTC-based web conferencing feature the need for additional apps and software is eliminated. It's an easy-to-use web conferencing solution that transforms the way you communicate and collaborate within your company and enables you to offer next-level customer support.

The web conferencing feature is included in all editions of 3CX's Unified Communications solution for free for up to 250 participants (depends on edition).

Say goodbye to plug-ins with WebRTC

WebRTC technology enables video and voice communications to take place through your web browser for the ultimate collaboration tool. Participants can now seamlessly join meetings without the need to download any additional plug-ins or web conferencing software.

  • Schedule a video conference on the spot, or elevate an ongoing call
  • Clientless using WebRTC
  • One-click video conferencing
  • Individual WebRTC call link for each user

Save Time & Money with Web Conferencing

Online meetings need more than just video - presentations must be in HD and crisp audio quality is essential. With features such as desktop sharing, remote assistance, surveys, polls and feedback as well as remote desktop control the possibilities with web conferencing are limitless.

  • Visualize a sales pitch with video
  • Host effective webinars using the classroom features
  • Assist customers with screen sharing and remote control
  • Impress your audience with high quality presentations

Web Conferencing for all - Unlimited Users, Low Price

Say goodbye to inconvenient and unprofessional account sharing, as well as hefty per month, per user subscriptions. Now anyone can create a web conference at any time using the 3CX Web Client for real-time communication and collaboration with your partners, clients and employees.

  • Unlimited users - No per user fees
  • Integrated FREE in 3CX Phone System
  • Launch meetings from the web portal, 3CX apps, or Outlook

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