3CX Self Installation & Management

Self Installation & Management

Easy to Install & Manage On-Premise or Cloud PBX

3CX's Unified Communications solution sets itself apart with its easy installation and management. Setup takes minutes; the phone system will run on-premise on an existing Windows or Linux machine and can be virtualized on Hyper-V, VMware or KVM.

You can also host your PBX system in the cloud of your choice. With its web-based setup wizard, provisioning IP Phones, Gateways, SIP Trunks and smartphone apps takes minutes and server-side CRM integration makes using 3CX with your preferred applications easy.

Plug and Play with IP Phones, Gateways & SIP Trunks

Plug-in an IP Phone or Gateway to your network and 3CX will automatically configure them, saving you countless hours of configuration time and removing the learning curve. Connect a SIP trunk within minutes with pre-configured templates for most popular SIP trunk providers, including end to end support from 3CX.

  • Configuration templates for supported IP Phones, SIP Trunks, Gateways
  • Guaranteed interop and support from 3CX for end to end PBX solution
  • Inbuilt templates for easy configuration of VoIP Providers / SIP Trunks

Easy Management of IP Phones & Softphones

With 3CX you can manage your IP Phones from within the management console; deploy new firmware on many phones with a few mouse clicks. Guaranteed interop with supported IP Phones gives you peace of mind when updating your phones. 3CX apps can be easily be deployed via email, whilst software updates are automatic, eliminating help desk calls from end users.

  • Upgrade IP Phone firmware from the management console
  • Each new IP Phone firmware is tested by 3CX to avoid interop issues
  • Provision, reboot IP phones remotely
  • Configure advanced IP phone options from the console

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