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Get Your Own Free Cloud PBX in 5 Minutes

Get your free, cloud-based PBX up and running in minutes with 3CX's web-based installation wizard.

3CX's free PBX gives you control over your business communications and lets you enjoy all the features of a full Unified Communications solution - no hidden costs or add-ons! Plug and play with popular IP Phone manufacturers; such as Yealink; SIP Trunks and gateways without the hassle of a long-winded installation process and tedious configuration. Utilize 3CX's open-platform technology to install your new phone system with your choice of cloud service provider such as Vox Tandem. Run 3CX in your own cloud account today!

A free PBX - Hosted with your Cloud Provider

Take the PBX Express to get your own UC solution in the cloud. Create your own powerful IP PBX installation within minutes, hosted with your choice of cloud provider. Just 5 simple steps, 1 powerful PBX.
  • Choose Vox Tandem as your Cloud Provider
  • Use your own cloud account or 3CX demo account
  • Get your free 3CX license with three months free hosting!
  • Retain control of your PBX and data!

Pack your Bags - What You'll Need

The PBX Express will help you configure and deploy 3CX on Linux automatically in just 5 steps. Designed to make administrator's lives easier while giving the end user access to user friendly unified communications. If you want to deploy it with your own cloud provider, you will need to configure your account correctly, use Vox Tandem or use a 3CX Trial Account.

The Vox Tandem 3CX Advantage


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