Paying too much? DIDs as low as $0.15 each!

Instant DID Provisining Now Available!

Utilizing our easy to use web portal, you can now instantly search and assign a number to your account hassle free!

Vox Tandem provides reliable inbound access for carriers through a SIP-based hand-off. Our DID (direct inbound dialing) origination services provide you with access to numbers in many U.S. markets which are available for instant provisioning. Our origination allows you to customize your service package by individual TN, giving you maximum flexibility and options such as CNAM caller ID storage, T.38* and more.

Our constantly growing footprint includes over 9,000 rate centers in the continental U.S. If you have an existing local number, you can port it to Vox Tandem and save!

What We Offer

  • Per channel or per minute pricing
  • Instant DID Provisioning
  • Prepay and post pay billing
  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 rate center coverage areas
  • Local DID portability
  • 6/6 billing increments
  • CNAM caller ID storage
  • T.38 compatibility (Tier 2 only)