3CX User Guide

3CX User Guide

Whether you’re using the Web Client, smartphone app, Windows app or a desk phone, 3CX is your one stop for all business communication. Colleagues, clients or customers – 3CX provides the tools you need to collaborate, call, chat and more. Sync up with co-workers for higher levels of efficiency and productivity in the office, and benefit from inbuilt contact center tools to boost customer satisfaction. New to 3CX? Great! This guide is the ideal starting point to get to grips with the most essential features of 3CX. If you’re already familiar, check out our more in depth guides to find out what more you can do.

3CX on iOS or Android

  • Get the app from the Google Play or Apple App Store.
  • Open the "Your User Account on your New 3CX System" email and login to your Web Client.
    • Click on your avatar in the top right and click "Scan QR Code".
  • In the app, scan the QR. Your extension will be set up automatically.
  • Learn more about 3CX Android app and iOS app.
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The 3CX Web Client

  • Login to the Web Client:
    • Head over to the "Your User Account on your New 3CX System" email.
    • Click on your Web Client URL.
    • Login using the extension and password in your email.
  • Install the Web Client Chrome extension:
  • In the Web Client, click "Install 3CX Browser Extension" or download the extension from the Chrome Web Store.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to install the extension.
  • In the Web Client, click "Activate Extension". You’re all set!

Web / Audio Conferencing

  • Create an ad-hoc conference:
    • Open the Web Client and click on "WebMeeting".
    • Allow WebMeeting to access your camera and microphone and click "Join Now".
    • Click on the participants button to invite by email or get your shareable meeting room link.
  • Schedule a Conference:
    • Open the Web Client and click "Schedule Conference".
    • Select the type of conference; "Audio" or "Video", then select "Later" and enter the date and time of the conference.
    • Fill in the details, select your calendar and click "Create Meeting". Learn more.
  • Turn any call into a conference:
    • During the call, select "Conference" in the Web Client call pop up, browser extension or app call screen.
    • Search by name or extension, or add a phone number.
    • Select your participant/s and they will be automatically dialed.
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Using your Deskphone

  • Make a call:
    • Dial the number on the keypad and hit the send or enter button.
    • OR select a contact or extension from your Web Client, or click to call from a web page, and hit call.
    • The Web Client triggers a call on your deskphone if selected via the phone selector toggle.
  • Transfer a call:
    • For blind transfer: Press "Transfer", dial or select extension, press send/dial and hang up.
    • Attended transfer Yealink: Press "Transfer", dial or select extension, press "Send", wait for the receiver to pick up, announce the caller, press "Transfer" and hang up.

Using 3CX with Microsoft 365

  • Update your Status:
    • In Office 365, go to your calendar and add your meeting.
    • When your event begins, your 3CX Status will automatically update to "Do Not Disturb" and will change back to "Available" when the event is over.
  • Launch calls from the Microsoft 365 interface:
    • Ensure you have the 3CX Extension installed.
    • Click on any phone number in Office 365, the Web Client Extension window will appear with the number pre-filled.
    • Click the call button and your call will be launched.
  • Create new contacts:
    • In the web client, go to "Contacts > Personal" to add a new contact, or add your contact in Microsoft 365.
    • Once your contact is created, 3CX will sync with Microsoft 365 to update contacts across both platforms.
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  • Set your voicemail greeting via Web Client:
    • Go to "Settings > Greetings".
    • Record a new greeting, upload pre-recorded messages, and change greetings for individual statuses.
  • Set your voicemail greeting via Deskphone:
    • Dial the voicemail number listed in your user account email.
    • Enter your PIN and then press "#".
    • Select option "8" and then "0" to record.
    • Press "#" to end the recording and "0" to save.
  • Listen to your voicemail messages:
    • From your App, open the menu and tap on "Voicemail".
    • In the Web Client, go to "Voicemail" and click the play icon.
    • From your deskphone dial your voicemail number (999) or hit "Voicemail/Message", enter your PIN, press "#" and then "*" to play your messages. (PIN request may not apply)

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